So the latest viral TikTok video happens to take place in a bathroom.  We all have read stories regarding a variety of things found around or left inside a toilet bowl. Yet this video, how do I explain it gently, has me wondering how? Every man who reads this will for one split second worry about his umm … manhood. Is it enough?  See the video by scrolling below.

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Women will be like wow, you go girl! So what am I talking about? What do a toilet, the male appendage, and women all have in common? Giving birth…Having a baby takes at least 2 of the above-mentioned items, the odd man out is the toilet…so how does it tie into this story? Let me tell you…

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A mom of 6 boys, that’s almost a sports team, gave birth to her 7th child on the toilet.  Ariel Tyson  wanted to have a water birth, yet I don’t think the toilet was part of her birthing plan.


Ariel woke up at 2:30 in the morning and was having contractions. Her husband, Michael, contacted the midwife and then tried to set up the birthing tub alone.  As her labor progressed she felt she had to go number 2 and what happened next was all caught on video! As she sat down and began what she thought was a bowel movement, she realized that it wasn’t poop making its way into the world!


“I reached down and just grabbed her” Ariel stated.  Welcome to the world Mila Tyson! Yes, number seven was the lucky number, Ariel and Michael welcomed a baby girl!

So has this ever happened here in Alabama? Why of course it has!! Alabama, births and toilets bring up a whole list of really cool toilet births! There is the McDonald’s toilet birth in Tuscumbia, the Walmart toilet birth in Birmingham and maybe there isn’t a toilet involved but who can forget the Alabama mom having her baby on I65 at mile marker 321.

So while yes the video of the exact moment being caught on video may be cool, personally I think Alabama moms can’t be beaten!

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