Today, the Wild Bill Show is LIVE on Campus with Alabama's Million Dollar Band.  THE University of Alabama's Crimson Tide tradition for 104 years, 400 members strong today and one of the most respected bands in the US.

The Million Dollar Band is the most televised college band in history.  The band earned its name during a football game between Bama and Georgia Tech back many years ago...the band struggled for funds, having to solicit money from local merchants, to travel to games.  I'm told an Alabama alumnus, W.C. Pickens was asked "what do you have at Alabama?" by an Atlanta-based sportswriter. Pickens replied only, "A million dollar band."  (Mama had just lost to GT 33-7 that day btw)

Today's Wild Bill Show is saluting all high school bands as well as the Million Dollar Band.  Wild Bill is actually wearing an official UA band uniform and he said earlier, "this thing is dang near 40 pounds and it's 99 degrees out here!"  The fact is, the band practices in the same hot sun as the football teams and they deserve the spotlight!  Wild Bill's Band Aide, the theme of todays show is taking water to the band members and thanking them for the hard work in todays hot sun.  A special thanks to Buffalo Rock, Tommy Paradise, Ben George, and Spiller Furniture for helping with todays broadcast.

Listen to the Wild Bill Show for the Million Dollar Band LIVE TODAY and Thursday on 95.3 The Bear!!!