Midland are a modern-traditional country act, but they're still one of the more eclectic new bands to hit the genre in recent years. They'll continue down that path by cutting a Spanish version of "Drinkin’ Problem," as they revealed to Taste of Country Nights recently.

The trio's Mark Wystrach, Cameron Duddy and Jess Carson tell ToC Nights' Sam Alex that they're working on recording a Spanish version of the hit song. Wystrach, a native of Tuscon, Ariz., used to spend a lot of time in Mexico, as he'd travel across the border with his family on Sundays to attend church service and shop at the local markets. A Spanish rendition of the track will be a natural fit for the group, who whole-heartedly embrace the Spanish culture in their own sound.

"I speak pretty good Spanish, but to actually translate it to be correct is a little bit challenging," Wystrach explains, adding that two of their friends who speak Spanish fluently are helping them translate the song.

So, What's With the Outfits? 

Another track off their debut album, On the Rocksthat's been drawing attention is "This Old Heart," penned by the trio with John Singleton and David Lee Murphy. "I guess it is a little autobiographical about maybe a certain, traveling troubadour that is kind of in search of love and looking for a break when it comes to the heart," explains Wystrach, calling it a "rough and tumble song."

"The truth is these guys have settled down, by the grace of God they found women that would take them in ... But everybody's kind of been there, we're all kind of a little bit of hellions at heart. But even the toughest guys have a soft spot and are looking for love."

Midland launched into the spotlight in 2017, and their debut single "Drinkin' Problem" landed in the No. 1 spot on the Mediabase Country Airplay chart in August of 2017. Next year, they'll hit the road with Little Big Town as one of the opening acts on the 2018 Breakers Tour alongside Kacey Musgraves.

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