The Tuscaloosa Municipal Elections are tomorrow, and everyone should exercise their right to vote. The races include seats up for grabs in Various Districts on the Tuscaloosa City Council, Seats on The Tuscaloosa City School Board, and The Tuscaloosa Mayoral Race. If you didn't get your little, white, voters card telling you where to vote, WVUA 23 had a great story telling you how you can simply punch in your address to find out where your polling place is. Check it out HERE

Anyway, Today, the day before the election, I was driving on my way into work. As I was stopped at the red light on the corner of Skyland Boulevard & Hargrove Road, I noticed a well dressed man holding a campaign sign up for one of the candidates. The man was standing on the median in the middle of the two busy streets, obviously campaigning feverishly for his candidate in the final 24 hours before the election. I thought to myself, "Wow! This Campaign Worker is really working hard for his candidate. He must truly believe in him, and want him to win the office that he's campaigning for."  Then, as I got closer, I realized that this was no ordinary Campaign Worker. This was one of the actual CANDIDATES! Then I realized that this was not just any candidate, this was our Incumbent MAYOR Walt Maddox!

I found this very admirable. Mayor Maddox easily could've had somebody else out there, instead of himself, holding up that sign in the middle of two busy streets. However, here he was, a day before the election, out there pounding the streets, pressing the flesh, doing the extra leg work, and going the extra mile to gain more voters. I was impressed.

As I got closer, I rolled down my window, and said, "Mayor Walt! How about a picture?!" He said, "Sure, please send it to me". So, I snapped the picture above. I then wished him Good Luck in tomorrow's election. But before driving off, I also asked him, "Hey, any chance we can get a Long John Silver's back in Tuscaloosa?" He smiled back and waved.:-)

Be that as it may, Mayor Walt is not resting on his laurels, and he's campaigning hard for re-election. Good Luck to him, and all the candidates tomorrow.

And make sure you GET OUT AND VOTE!

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