Gary Bentley was 10 years old in 1973 when he had open heart surgery at UAB in Birmingham, Alabama. There was a hole in his left ventricle, but it never sealed on it's own like it was supposed to as he grew older.

Bentley had already lived a tumultuous decade when the state remove him and his six siblings from their drunken, abusive father. After being placed in a foster home, doctors discovered the hole was still here.

Gary remembers crying while lying on the hospital floor when the nurse first caught his notice through her kindness. She brought his small gifts and treats and showered him with the kind of attention foreign to a young man with so many brothers and sisters. He never got her name but he never forgot her either.

Gary now runs a successful turtle farm and he's determined to thank her for the kindness shown to him when he needed it so much.

Can you help Gary find her?

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