The price is right and the product was a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE.  Madeline Thetford woke up early and baked cookies knowing that every dollar she made would be another that goes to help a local animal in need.  My wife and I LOVED everything about Madeline and her great parents.

The Strawberry was my personal favorite with little seeds floating around and perfectly sugared too.  Lemonade Day was all about teaching Tuscaloosa youth about running a business and maybe becoming a future entrepreneur.  In my opinion, Madeline brought lots of HARD WORK and BIG SMILES and those are 2 keys in any successful business.

I truly believe THE WHY to a business is VERY important, and often, the reason of success or defeat.  When I asked her, "WHY did you choose to do all this hard work?"  She simply said, "I JUST LOVE DOGS SO MUCH!"

LOCATION:  A+       SERVICE:  A+       PRICE:  A+        PRODUCT:  A+

WB Final Thought:  Ever been around someone and you left thinking that person is gonna do great things?  Thats how i felt about Madeline right off and theres no doubt she will make this world a better place.  Listen to Madeline's story at 3:30pm Monday and 5:30pm Tuesday on 95.3fm, The Bear.

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