Luke Bryan spends much of the year on the road and away from home, but when it comes to Father's Day, his wife Caroline makes sure the day is all about him. Although it might be hard to top the year Caroline brought her country-star husband a Ford Bronco (which he still drives), Bryan says that he's the one who pretty much gets to decide how he wants to celebrate the holiday.

"Caroline’s like, ‘Hey, just pick who you want to go fishing with, and y’all just go fishing,'" Bryan recently told The Boot and other reporters. "Half the time, I load the boat up with the boys, and it’s Father’s Day, and I’m untangling fishing line all day. But that’s what being a dad is all about."

Adds Bryan -- who is the father of two boys, Bo and Tate, and is also raising his nephew, Til -- "Father’s Day is really, really special. Caroline’s always great about creating some fun stuff; she’s always really proactive in making days like that very special."

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Bryan, now 40, says that he's having a hard time accepting how quickly his boys are growing up.

"Bo is nine ... and to think that I have a 9-year-old," Bryan says. "He’s like, ‘Dad, I’m going to catering.’ I’m like, ‘Alright. You know where it’s at?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah. I went there this morning and got some bacon. I’ll be right back.’

"The fact that he can do that, and all my crew's out there: ‘What’s up, Bo? You want to go hit wiffle balls out on the amphitheater lawn?’" Bryan continues. "I’m over there icing my knees while he’s out there playing. Now I’ve got to get Tate out there."

Bryan is currently crossing the country on his 2017 Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day Tour. A list of all of his shows is available on his website.

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