So, yesterday I was driving north on McFarland, and THIS billboard suddenly grabbed my attention. It was a sign, in essence, proclaiming the official arrival of Kalli's Love Stuff to Tuscaloosa.

Now for years, the store to shop for "Adult Play" has been Fantasyland on Hwy 82. (which has been there for around 15 years). Furthermore, Tuscaloosa is actually Fantasyland's 2nd location. Prior to that, if someone wanted to do some Adult Shopping, they would have to drive all the way to Fantasyland's original location in Columbus, Ms. on Hwy 69 South. However, now with the arrival of Kalli's Love Stuff, it appears that Tuscaloosans now have a choice, when looking for products to help them get their  "Love On".

Of course there are plenty of places to shop online. But for those who are in a rush, and gotta have it NOW, there is now ANOTHER place in Tuscaloosa to satisfy your adult shopping needs. And that place is Kalli's Love Stuff.

If you're curious, here are the particulars.....

Kalli's Love Stuff, 1535 Hackberry Lane Suite 106..

Store Hours: Monday Thru Wednesday 9:00a-10:00p, Thursday Thru Saturday 9:00a- Midnight. Sunday Noon-10:00p   (205) 860-5161

You're Welcome:-)




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