Will and Reed Lochamy are no strangers to TV. They have hosted the successful "Iron Bowl Hour' into it's 4th season and now have a spot on ESPN and the New SEC NETWORK.

The Iron Bowl hour was directed by Rob Briscoe and Gray Lloyd. Rob, Gary and the entire crew will  be on board to shoot "The Lochamy Brothers" for the SEC Network.

Kimberly Madison was actually part of the Iron Bowl Hour in it's first season and had a chance to work with Will and Reed. I was invited to a shoot in Birmingham at the Vulcan Statue a couple years ago and had the chance to meet the entire production crew. We are proud of these guys and wish them well!

Will spoke with us this morning abut their SEC Network debut and reviled that the Iron Bowl Hour will be no more "for now" as they focus on the new segments. The new segments will be in the same style as the Iron Bowl Hour just shorter and sprinkled throughout SEC Network Programming this fall.

Look for Will and Reed throughout the 2014 football season giving quick, quirky analysis and inside looks at our favorite football programs across the SEC. Follow the guys on Twitter.

Hear Will talk to Madison and Shepherd