Lindi Ortega will be releasing a new EP, 'Til the Goin' Gets Gone, in mid-March. The project is, as a press release states, about "dusting off, gutting it out and getting up for another round;" it was inspired by the highs and lows of touring, and recorded following a frustrating period of writer's block.

'Til the Goin' Gets Gone features three original songs: the title track, "What a Girl's Gotta Do" and "Final Bow." The album's closing track, "Final Bow," was inspired by a time when Ortega was planning to take a new career path.

"I thought I had to quit music, but I wanted to leave gracefully," she explains. "But then I decided to get up and sing some more."

Additionally, Ortega covers Townes Van Zandt's "Waiting 'Round to Die" on 'Til the Goin' Gets Gone, and with good reason: The songwriter's music helped cure Ortega's writer's block.

Listen to Lindi Ortega's "'Til the Goin' Gets Gone"

Ortega recorded 'Til the Goin' Gets Gone in East Nashville with her longtime guitarist James Robertson; she co-produced the disc with Jay Tooke and Jason "Rowdy" Cope. The record's minimalist sound is a deviation from Ortega's previous words, inspired by classic country.

"I'll always love Loretta, Dolly and Patsy," Ortega says. "But I just want more space. I want more ambiance."

'Til the Goin' Gets Gone follows Ortega's 2015 album Faded GloryvilleIn 2016, the artist supported Carrie Underwood during her "Dirty Laundry" performance at the CMA Awards; this summer, she's earned an opening slot on Chris Stapleton's All-American Road Show Tour.

'Til the Goin' Gets Gone is set for release on March 17. For tour dates and more information on Ortega, visit her official website.

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