When Lee Brice learned that one of his fans had died in a tragic accident, he knew he had to help the family out.

In an interview with Journal News, the singer explains that he found out that Courtney Trent died because her brother sent him a Twitter message. Brice asked how he could help, and Trenten Scott — the woman's brother — sent him a link to Meal Train, which allows people to send food to assist people in need, or to donate money.

“My fans are like family, so, being concerned, I checked out the link,” Brice tells the publication. “Our fans treat us so well. We love them. I felt like I was part of their family and I wanted to help — just like I’d help my own family.”

The singer sent $1,135 to the family with a note: “Y’all will be in my prayers.”

Trent, 20, died in a head-on collision in Franklin, Ohio, when an oncoming driver fell asleep at the wheel. She is survived by her husband, James Daley, who was also injured in the crash, and their 6-month-old son.

Scott says that Brice was Trent's favorite artist. All money raised in the Meal Train will go toward funeral expenses and the care of Trent’s baby boy.

“[Brice’s donation] had a huge impact,” Scott says. “That much money really helped me and my family out. I was very surprised. I have a bunch of respect for him. He’s a great person."

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