You never forget your first love -- and that's probably due in large part to the fact that young love is incredibly tough. It's a rite of passage.

In addition to trying to process your feelings for someone else and managing your hormones, you sometimes are forced to deal with disapproval from those around you, like parents. That's exactly what happens to a young couple in Kip Moore's 'Young Love' video.

The girl's father doesn't want his little girl associating with "riff raff" -- aka her boyfriend. Yes, he actually refers to his daughter's suitor as such, yelling down from the front porch. But nothing, not even dad's stern warning, will stop them for being together. Rules, after all, are meant to be broken.

That's the power of love. The teens hit the road in his red muscle car, determined to be together.

Moore is a part of the action on the periphery. He is the adult version of the boy -- the young girl, named Sam, refers to him by name as young Kip greets her -- in this relationship, and what we see onscreen are flashbacks that he is recalling as he returns to the scenery of his youth.


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