You'll have to wait until April 30 to buy Kenny Chesney's latest album, 'Life on a Rock,' but if you're anxious to hear the award-winning country star's latest work, you're in luck. Chesney is letting fans stream the entire new album beginning today.

Find the stream on iTunes. Judging by recent interviews, 'Life on a Rock,' is going to be one of Chesney's most personal works to date. Thanks to some time away from the limelight in the Caribbean, the 'Pirate Flag' hitmaker was able to focus on his life and his music without any distractions.

“I was able to make a record where I didn’t edit myself like you usually do for a record," Chesney told KHAZ Country radio. "I guess because, I approached this record unlike any other I’ve ever done. I wrote all these songs knowing that the majority of them would never see the light of day on a radio station or in my show."

Chesney insists that on his latest album, he deviated from a songwriting style that would guarantee massive hits. However, 'Pirate Flag' is the first single from 'Life on a Rock,' and it's already climbing up the charts. But that doesn't mean that Chesney wasn't able to tap into some more personal inspirations for his latest songs.

“It allowed me to really be honest with my fans and tell them stories and open up some doors that I haven’t, and that felt really good," he adds.

Fans don't have to wait any longer to sample the 10-track album. The disc will be streaming on iTunes until April 30, when 'Life on a Rock' is available for purchase on store shelves and online retailers.

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