Justin Moore had a scary situation on his hands on Tuesday (April 25) after his family land in Arkansas caught fire.

Moore and his family live in the tiny town of Poyen, Ark., where he purchased a large piece of land that's been in his family for decades to build his new family home. He posted photos of the fire to Twitter on Tuesday night. "So, this happened today in my pasture,” Moore captioned his first post, in which he shares a photo showing smoke and fire rising from his field. “Not on purpose, might I add.”

Moore didn’t say what caused the fire, but he did thank the Poyen Fire Department, who stepped in to help extinguish the blaze and prevent further damage. He also thanked Better Lawns & Gardens for the assistance they offered during the fire.

Moore's last tweet shows the damage done by the blaze, and crews appear to be soaking the ground to prevent any further spread or damage.

After making his career in Nashville, Moore moved his family back to Arkansas several years ago, and with the completion of their dream home, they plan to stay forever on the family land.

“It’s been in our family since the late 1800s, so it ain’t no sellin’ it,” he states. “You don’t go build a nice house in a town of 300 people and expect to be able to get a return on your investment. That ain’t gonna happen. So, we’re gonna be there forever.”

He admits it might seem like an unusual move for a celebrity to choose to live in such a tiny town.

“People think I am nuts,” Moore tells People. “But I want my girls to run through the cow pasture to my mom and dad’s house. I want them to go to school where I went to school. It’s important to me to see them growing up and having a normal childhood.”

Moore released his most recent studio album, Kinda Don't Care, in 2016. He and his wife, Kate, are expecting their fourth (and last, if Moore has anything to say about it) child. They are not finding out the sex of the baby in advance.

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