Jason Aldean's new album, They Don't Know, contains 15 new songs from the country superstar, but he says that its 10th track, "In Case You Don't Remember," is "definitely" one of his favorites. In the video above, which The Boot's readers are getting to see first, Aldean opens up about what drew him to the nostalgic tune.

"I really kind of fell in love with the song, you know? I love that nostalgic-type song, and this is one of them; it's looking back on young love, being at Spring Break and things like that," Aldean explains. "I love songs that do that; I love songs that go back and have that nostalgic feel about it."

Written by John Dee Edwards, Tully Kennedy, Steve Pasch and Brian White, "In Case You Don't Remember" finds Aldean trying to to re-ignite a spark with a longtime love; "it's him sort of trying to get her to remember it, too," Aldean notes.

"There was magic in the air / It was everywhere that we touched down / The carnival ride and the high we were on as it went around," Aldean sings in the chorus of "In Case You Don't Remember." "It was us against the world, and you swore, girl, that we'd never surrender / But I still can't forget you, girl / In case you don't remember."

They Don’t Know is Aldean’s first album in two years, and the singer says it's a bit more balanced, returning to the root of who he really is.

“I think, on every album, we try to take it in its own direction — every album has its own thing about it that’s cool — but at the same time, it’s also about finding a way to tie them all together, where they kinda feel like they’re ‘me,'” Aldean notes, adding that while his last album, Old Boots, New Dirt, strayed away from the signature “Aldean sound” in some ways, this latest release brings it back in full force: “I feel like the things that we lacked on the last record, we found again on this record.”

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