The eyes of Ransom Canyon are upon Yellowstone. After five successful seasons of Taylor Sheridan's modern Western drama, Netflix is looking to capitalize on an audience that is hungry for more.

The streaming service has ordered 10 60-minute episodes of a new ranching drama titled Ransom Canyon. Based on Jodi Thomas' book series of the same name, the new show will follow the intersecting lives of three ranching families living in the Texas Hill Country. Similar to Yellowstone, the series will feature conflict between generations of family members and neighbors, but Ransom Canyon promises more romance.

“It’s a contemporary Western romance show, just looking for more in this comfort romance space,” Netflix' Head of Drama, Development Jinny Howe told Deadline in 2022. “We think that it’s going to deliver on all the romance and again it will be a really beautiful vista and setting, very escapist.”

"It’s a multi-generational family show set on a ranch, and we say it’s Virgin River meets Yellowstone,” Howe says.

Ransom Canyon will star Josh Duhamel and Minka Kelly as Staten Kirkland and Quinn. Staten is the owner and sole resident of the Double K Ranch,  which he fervently defends against outside powers threatening his way of life. Quinn has returned to Texas to begin a new chapter after a stint in New York as a concert pianist. The first season will follow storylines from the first book in Thomas' series.

While additional actors have not been announced, other credits include Wednesday writer April Blair as creator, writer and executive producer. Ozark director Amanda Marsalis will direct the first two episodes.

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