These weekends don't come around often. My wife Randi is going to the beach with her Bible study group. That means Brody and I will be home ALONE. No rules! We can spoil our supper, stay up late and sleep in! We can eat junk food and leave the wrappers on the table, take naps in the middle of the day!,  It's a boy's weekend! I have a few things to do Saturday like um, A-Day but that is about it for the weekend. We are excited to see if we can survive without the one person who actually cares about our well being.

Randi seems a bit nervous though. She says she will "lay out" Brody's clothes, make a list of possible things to cook for supper and she promises to call and check on us through out the weekend. (Brody and I may be a bit spoiled?) I will follow up Monday and let you know if we made it.

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