Is it time to change your radio station?  This is Miss Rae Quinn, a Tuscaloosa/Birmingham radio listener that is unhappy with her radio experience lately.  Rae Quinn says she has grown tired of listening to a radio station that never seems to update her with LIVE and LOCAL, or even current Tuscaloosa information.  Miss Rae Quinn has grown tired of collective national contesting that locals in Tuscaloosa/Birmingham never seem to win.  Miss Rae Quinn, who resides in the Eastern part of West Blocton, is tired of the "out of town DJ" pretending like they know what's going on in Tuscaloosa.

"I always thought a Tuscaloosa radio station would have somebody ON-AIR from Tuscaloosa, but all they seem to tweet and talk about stuff from California and New York lately" says Miss Quinn.  It's a sad fact that many radio listeners in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham are becoming more and more unhappy with their daily radio experience.

The fact is, if you want LIVE and LOCAL... you want 95.3 The Bear!  

95.3 The Bear is your home for the NEW Steve Shannon Morning Show, Monk on the Radio, and the Wild Bill Show, all LIVE and LOCAL in Tuscaloosa.

Miss Rae Quinn is making the switch to 95.3 The Bear & we invite you to experience LIVE and LOCAL radio in the Tuscaloosa/Birmingham area on 95.3 The Bear!

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