Last night the cast and crew of 'Iron Man 3' filmed a scene outside the TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly Mann's Chinese Theater) and we've got footage of the scene in question - and it's very explosive!

Filming on 'Iron Man 3' was thought to be finished, but last night the cast and crew set up shop at the Chinese Theatre. It's being speculated that perhaps these were re-shoots, due in part to the recent renaming of Grauman's Chinese Theatre when it was purchased by TCL, a company that recently announced a product placement plan with 'Iron Man 3.'

'Iron Man 3' was shot primarily in North Carolina, where a replica of the theatre was said to be built for shooting purposes, but with the name change, they might have needed to re-shoot some of the sequence in question. Or perhaps this is a new scene being incorporated into the film.

Whatever the reason, some lucky fans were walking by when all of this happened and were able to capture video of a scene that involved a big explosion inside the TCL Chinese Theatre, followed by large amounts of smoke and pedestrians running away from the danger. Some cars in the street are also affected, swerving and crashing into each other.

Check out some of the footage uploaded to YouTube:

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