Marvel has released the first 'Iron Man 3' clip and to our surprise, it's not an action sequence or a big special effects moment. Rather, it's an intense, dialogue driven scene that's a platform for the real star of the show: Mr. Robert Downey, Jr. Watch it for yourself below.

In every 'Iron Man 3' trailer so far, we've seen the destruction of Tony Stark's home at the hands (and missile equipped helicopters) of Ben Kingsley's The Mandarin, but this clip provides that scene with some context. Apparently, Tony's new arch-nemesis has done something very, very bad. So bad, that everyone's favorite billionaire superhero is angry enough to call The Mandarin out in front of a crowd of reporters, even giving out his home address...which he'll soon regret when his life literally crumbles around him. While this could've been usual Tony Stark snark, it's played with genuine anger and emotion -- there isn't too much that rattles Iron Man, but he sure seems rattled.

If anything, the clip is a reminder that the real star of the 'Iron Man' movies isn't the special effects, it's Downey Jr. We can't wait to see more of him when 'Iron Man 3' arrives on May 3rd.

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