Nike hired Colin Kaepernick. The guy that portrayed police officers on his gameday socks as pigs. The guy that kneels when our National Anthem plays.

The NIKE campaign is "Believe In Something. Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything." What has Kaepernick sacrificed? Compare him to police officers sacrificing their lives. Soldiers sacrificing their lives. Pat Tillman would have been a much better choice for NIKE. There are many better choices.

Now there are NIKE boycotts. Folks burning their NIKE gear on social media.

NIKE stock is dropping as you read this blog. I hope the bottom falls out.

Bama displays the NIKE swoosh. I would like to see that relationship end.

I believe most Americans do not want to see anybody who disrespects out police officers & nation rewarded with a NIKE contract. Keep an eye on this one.


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