I hate Facebook. I love Facebook. I am currently in Facebook jail for twenty four hours.

Now wait a minute. I did not post any nude pictures. My post was not obscene. I maintain my innocence. But don't they all.

You see i posted a story and video of a bratty teenage girl actually tossing newborn puppies into a river. It was disturbing & disgusting. I commented that she at least needed a "butt whippin'" or two. Others had commented and shared the story on Facebook.

Shortly after posting i was notified that i had been blocked from posting on Facebook for twenty four hours. Really!? Seems i had violated Facebag community standards. First, i didn't know the rules.What are the rules? Second, compared to some of the vile posts i've seen, i find this jail sentence for my post to be absurd.

Have you ever been put in Facebook jail? Why? Do tell.

And Mr Zuckerberg if you read this KISS MY ROLL TIDE!

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