Recently, I've been trying to venture out and try more Tuscaloosa restaurants. If I ever found this dish, I'd lose my mind!

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Ok, can I be honest with you? I don't think there are that many great restaurants in Tuscaloosa. There, I said it! I'll dig deeper into that topic on another day.

What has been the absolute best dish you've had at a Tuscaloosa restaurant? Was it a chicken sandwich? Maybe some flavorful, creamy pasta? Whatever that dish is, I can guarantee this dish would taste better than that times three!

Have you ever had an oxtail pot pie?! Me neither, but I'm sure it's the most amazing thing on Earth.



Who on Earth is whipping up this immaculate creation? Why hasn't this been thought of years ago? the better question is what Tuscaloosa restaurant can make this?

This is a dish I'd buy at least once a week and pay top dollar. It has to be made right. The crust has to be light, buttery, and flaky but not too flaky. The oxtail gravy has to be savory, not too thin but definitely not too thick.

I don't care too much for the potatoes pictured in the dish but I won't be upset if they're in it. There is one final part of this dish that I'd be looking forward to. The meat, it's the most important part.

It has to be juicy, tender and has no bones. IT sounds like a lot to ask and in all honesty, it is. That's why I'd pay top dollar for it.

Fellow Alabamians, help me out. What Tuscaloosa restaurant do you think could make this dish the best?


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