Something was missing from college football this past weekend. Who would ever believe it was a commercial? Those dang Dr Pepper commercials starring Larry Culpepper. I miss Larry! Am I the only one? I don't think so.

Larry was the crazy uncle in every family. Larry was the guy next door. Larry was funny. Unlike Flo from Progressive, or those dopey Sonic guys, I never tired of Larry Culpepper. I actually looked forward to the new Larry commercials. What will Larry do next?

Why would Dr Pepper ditch Larry Culpepper? Maybe he didn't make us buy more Dr Pepper? I don't know. Ad decisions made in big board rooms don't always make sense to me.

The new Fanville ads for Dr Pepper did not fill the void. It was like I had a football watching party & my favorite uncle was missing. No ICE COLD DR PEPPER RIGHT HERE!

RIP Larry Culpepper.

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