Hunter Hayes recently celebrated a major career milestone, as his 2011 self-titled album went Double Platinum. As a way to thank his fans, Hayes treated them to a Facebook Live concert on July 31, where he played each of the songs off his major label debut live and took questions.

"We wanted to celebrate because you guys made my debut record Double Platinum," he tells the cameras.

Currently in the studio working on a new project, Hayes says he is trying to narrow down 120 songs that he has written to make one cohesive album. After playing "Storm Warning," the first track off his debut album, he answered a fan's question about what motivates him to make music.

"Every day it's something different. Just music. The feeling you get when you're making music, when you're just doing it live and you're not thinking about it," he says. "When you're making noise or music of any kind. When you're writing in the studio and zoned out. Onstage and there are thousands of you guys or even tiny shows too, five of you guys feeling the music."

He then explains how much he loves music, saying that music is "definitely my language."

"It's the way I speak 'cause I'm not comfortable in a lot of ways in social settings," he admits. "This is about as comfortable as I get, making music. That's my way of expressing. That's my way of getting all the feelings in and out of my system. That's my language. It's just a magical thing and I love making music. I wake up every day just wishing I can keep doing it."

Watch the complete live stream of Hayes' studio concert above.

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