We all have bad days, it's part of life, but we may have more bad days than we thought.

There's a new survey by the fitness app Freeletics reveals that the average person has 60 bad days a year, which comes out to 16% of our days, or a little more than 1 a week.  They found out that 2/3 of us say we have had a bad day because of a lack of sleep.  Feeling sick, financial worry and work-related stress are all contributing factors too.  I have got to believe days like yesterday with the shooting in Florida puts us all in a funk too.

How do we react to a bad day?  Half of us load up on unhealthy food and a third of us drink alcohol.  But does that make you feel better or just add to the misery?  95% of people say exercising makes them feel better after a bad day, but I admit I haven't tried that nearly enough..

How do you deal with a bad day?  Do you feel like you have more bad days than normal?  What contributes when you have a bad day?

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