Alabama fans will only get to watch defensive back Marlon Humphrey play for two season. The redshirt sophomore announced on Friday that he will turn professional and enter the 2017 NFL Draft.

The Hoover native and son of former Alabama All-American Bobby Humphrey said he set three goals as a freshman in high school: to play in the Under Armour All-American Game, win a national championship, and be an All-American. He'll leave Tuscaloosa having accomplished all three.

"Another one of those goals to be like my role model," Humphrey said. "Most people have role models, but my role model I saw everyday was my dad, and that was one of the big goals I had, leave college early and have the opportunity to play in the NFL. That was something that, just all my life, I've kind of always saw myself doing. I've just always wanted that more than anything."

Humphrey said the decision was difficult, especially after losing to Clemson on Monday, but that he felt like there's only so much time to play football.

The defensive back finished his career with 81 tackles, five interceptions, and one defensive touchdown.

Here's what Humphrey said to reporters after his announcement.

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