Morgan Evans pours on the charm in "I Do," his latest tribute to new wife Kelsea Ballerini.

In a recent Instagram post, the country singer revealed the inspiration for the radio single with a quick caption: "Wrote it about my girlfriend. Recorded it about my fiance’. Releasing it about my wife."

Evans and Ballerini tied the knot in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on Dec. 2, less than two years after the couple first met while co-hosting the CMC Awards show in Australia. In an interview with CMT., Ballerini even gushed about her working relationship with Evans: "We’re each other’s biggest fans,” she says, “And so we’re able to be transparent with each other. And it’s cool because he has helped me with live music because he’s been touring since he was 14, and I help him with U.S. radio because I’ve been doing it for a couple of years. … We’re just able to help each other in our strengths.”

However, work isn't on Evans' mind in "I Do." Throughout the song, the singer lays it on thick with lines like: "You don't know how many times a minute you cross my mind" and "You're beautiful, just takes one look to see." It's not rocket science, but hey, the man's in love.

However, Evans doesn't just limit his love lines to the verses. His chorus of "I Do" also has its share of affection: "Just when I think it couldn't get any better / To be the man standing in my shoes / There you go walking in in a new dress / Saying do you like this / And baby I do / Wanna hold you forever / No I ain't ever been so sure / Just when I think I couldn't love you any more / Baby, I do."

Ballerini also gave Evans some song love earlier in 2017, citing that she wrote the title song of her latest album, Unapologetically, about him.

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