I'm a large fan of roasted-salted pistachios. I buy mine in bulk at Sam's. I talking about two and a half pounds at a time! I  enjoy them most often with a good IPA. (If you don't know what an IPA is -click here). I discovered a new flavor of my favorite brand and I'm lovin' it!

I buy 'Wonderful' pistachios. You've seen their Get Crackin' ads. Here's one featuring Manny Pacquiao- a Filipino world champion professional boxer soon to fight Floyd Mayweather

While grocery shopping yesterday, I spied a flavor I'd never seen. It's called 'Sweet Chili' and it's fantastic. It also compliments a good IPA.



The newly discovered flavor sparked my curiosity too. I went to getcrackin.com and found another flavor I'd like to try. 'Salt and Pepper'.



I've had the Planter's version I liked called Sea Salt and Black Pepper but can't seem to find them anymore. Any idea where to find the Wonderful salt & pepper ones? I have a craving right now!