I have three tv discoveries to share. One show is not new, but as usual I'm a little late to the party.

CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST. To watch dad Todd Chrisley is to love him. This dopey show had me hooked from episode one. There have been 5 seasons. I binged on season 5 this weekend.

SMILF. If easily offended, then don't watch. Nothing is off limits. There is nudity. Full on female & male nudity (made me feel above average). But, the writing is good. Rosie O'Donnel is in it. She's so good I forgot I can't stand her.

SHAMELESS. William Macy stars & proves he's one of our best actors. You will NEVER again think your family is dysfunctional.

There is just too much good stuff to binge on. Please share what you're binge watching.

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