Are there alligators in Lake Tuscaloosa?  A listener called the Steve Shannon Morning Show this week claiming just that.  She even followed up with a photo, below.  Others say it’s not true.  Here’s Steve and Meg and their take.

----- UPDATE  ---------------------------------

The 953 BEAR Steve Shannon Morning Show asked Lake Patrol officer Shane Sanford if there are gators in Lake Tuscaloosa.

Officer Sanford confirmed there's  a 4 foot gator in the lake. He believes somebody put the gator in the lake. There have been numerous sightings with pictures.

Officer Sanford does not believe the gator is a threat. His own children swam in the lake this past weekend.

He said don't try & catch it or take a picture with the gator. That is a $5000 fine. The fine for killing it is larger.

We asked if the gator would be relocated. Officer Sanford did not indicate that would be happening.