The summer months are hardest for us football fans. We're stuck in the middle between the season that just ended and the one that's coming up. 

We're craving the opening chords of AC/DC's Thunderstruck because we know as soon as it starts, Nick Saban and the football team will come charging like wild animals from the locker room and onto the field.

I want the season to start tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'm out of luck. I have to rely on reports from the practice field, press conferences and watching videos of past games I now have overwhelming my DVD collection.

One video that gets me excited is the one I took in 2014 when I had the opportunity to tour the Crimson Tide locker room. It's amazing to think about how many successful young men have stood in that room, listening to monumental speeches of encouragement from greats like Nick Saban, Gene Stallings and Paul Bryant.

Take a tour for yourself.

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