Today I find myself thinking back to GREAT MOMENTS of my life, the past year as we prepare to say goodbye to 2017.  A recurring "best moment" in my mind, is the day the talented Ed Ramsey filled in for a traffic update.

I remember Ed's powerful and distinctive voice filling my headphones.  Ed always seems to smile when he's talking whether it's on-air, or in person.  I was surprised and glad to hear "The Quiet Storm" and he certainly delivered a flawless, professional traffic update.  I really admire Ed's successful track record in Tuscaloosa radio and I'm ready to make a comment and then, at the very end of his update I hear, "And a great big heads up on McFarland right now cause there's a man wearing no pants, and let's just say he's pointed towards 15th street."  I lost it.  I'm telling you I lost it.  I could not stop laughing and I watched my arms, my legs, my mouth stop working in that great moment of 2017.

Let's be clear, there was indeed a man, not wearing pants and eye-witnesses said "this dude looks like he's trying to dance."  So Ed was 100% accurate in his vivid update and at the end of the day...ain't day what people need...the simple Truth! #WildBillShow

Happy New Year and remember the good times on 2017 in your life for a big smile!

Ed Ramsey, "THE Quiet Storm" can be heard nightly, on WTUG 92.9 in Tuscaloosa.    

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