Country's own Granger Smith showed up on ABC’s The Bachelorette on Monday night (June 18) to not only sing his song "Happens Like That," but also to play a little part in the love story of Becca Kufrin and one of the men vying for her heart.

And it may have worked.

“Listening to Granger Smith and feeling the energy of the crowd and dancing in Garrett’s arms ... it was honestly not like anything I have ever felt before,” Kufrin remarks during the one-on-one date captured in the video above. The night also included some bobsledding and a romantic dinner date before the pair walked into Smith’s intimate concert.

"I’m in trouble," she adds.

"Today has been the best day of my life," says Kuprin's date, Garrett, who revealed during the episode that he had been married before. "This is the first time I felt this kind of love with someone. I’m falling hard for her."

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Fans will recall that "Happens Like That" is also a special part of the love story between Smith and his wife Amber, as it tells their story. The country hitmaker even serenaded his wife onstage with the song.

Smith followed up his Bachelorette appearance with a performance of his new single "You’re in It" and another performance of "Happens Like That"on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live. The country singer has a busy week ahead of him, as he will be on a media blitz of sorts for the new single, making a quick stop at Access Hollywood. Smith will sing both of these songs throughout the summer as he is out on the road with his nationwide Don’t Tread on Me Tour.

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