Granger Smith got together with Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line to write a song, and it resulted in his new single, "Happens Like That."

The song will drop on May 19 and impacts radio on June 12, but Smith began teasing it several days ago, sharing the lyrics: "You order a drink, it goes down smooth / Before you can blink, it turns into two / It was just gonna be another night with the boys / Shootin' some pool, pickin' a stool and makin' some noise / Then she walks in, and I never dance / Turns into tippin' the band and takin' her hand / Ah man, it happens like that."

"Happens Like That" is the first single off Smith's upcoming album, due out this fall. The singer-songwriter tells Billboard that writing it happened organically while he was on tour. Smith had several friends out on the road with him when it came together, including Hubbard and co-writers Jordan Schmidt, Justin Wilson and Andy Albert.

"Writing on tour, in the heart of all our fans, where ultimately the songs will be delivered, is a game changer for me," Smith says. "We can literally look out the window of the bus and write songs about the town where we are parked. That's exactly how 'Happens Like That' was penned, sitting on the bus in a parking lot in Tacoma, Wash., watching fans file into the show. I can't get more connected than that."

The song will ride the success of Smith's previous two singles, the Top 5 hit "If the Boot Fits" and his first No. 1, "Backroad Song."

“The song came from the idea that as soon as you sort of stop looking and are content with being single, that’s when the love of your life walks into your life," Smith continues. "That narrative unfolded as all of us had lived it. It’s when we least expect it — it happens like that.”

Smith will take a break from his current headlining tour to join Luke Bryan on the road for his Huntin', Fishin', And Lovin' Every Day Tour this fall.

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