We recently heard roadwork and construction on Lurleen Wallace Blvd in Tuscaloosa was nearing completion. How long has it been? Forgive me but I lost count. Well don't look now, but there is more to come. ALDOT road construction around here reminds me of what folks always said about Atlanta. It is always under construction.

ALDOT has just announced the Hiway 69 project. This could be a doozy. They are adding multiple lanes on Hiway 69 at 65th Avenue in both directions.

The road construction begins today, Monday June 8th. And the million dollar question is will it be completed. ALDOT says it will be finished in the Fall. ALDOT failed to mention Fall of what year.

At least we can count on Captain Ray to keep us updated on those daily Hiway 69 commutes. It appears ALDOT works on what I refer as the "Cicada schedule". Cicada's are those annoying insects that show up every 17 years. That is about how long it takes ALDOT to finish a hiway construction project. At least get some crimson and white traffic cones.  Happy driving Tuscaloosa!


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