Alabama Governor Kay Ivey wants all Alabamians to wear a mask thru the end of July.  Georgia's Governor is banning cities and counties from forcing people to wear masks in public places.  Wow, now that's  a different take on the same topic from leaders of neighboring southern states.

Brian Kemp has instead been trying to encourage voluntary mask wearing rather than forcing the issues and he's using Georgia Bulldog football as his selling point.  It's a play that been run here in Tuscaloosa basically encouraging football fans to wear a mask if you want to see football this fall.

Here's an interesting fact, yesterday the cities of Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, and Rome issued mandatory masks beginning today.  So ya got mayors of big cities saying one thing and the Governor saying something else.  Don Hartley tells me the main fear is overcrowding hospitals in Alabama, and that lead to Gov. Ivey's decision yesterday.

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