Fridays are made for field trips in Alabama. The Bite This! crew hit the road to visit an Alabama favorite and tourist hot spot, Peach Park in Clanton, Alabama.

From Tuscaloosa, this field trip was an hour and 20-minute relaxing drive. There was lots to see along the drive including counting the number of Dollar General stores. Honestly, it was fun but we lost count.

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When we arrived at Peach Park it was PACKED and those coming out all had smiles on their face, so that was an excellent sign.

We headed straight to the food court area of Peach Park, and our hearts were broken to find out they were already sold out of smoked chicken. Next time, we are leaving earlier to ensure we don’t miss out. It’s gotten rave reviews.

Our menu selections were the large pulled pork sandwich with potato salad and onion rings. The other selection was a chicken finger plate with waffle fries and potato salad. For dessert, of course, it was the peach ice cream and a fried peach pie.

After our late lunch, we milled around and checked out the boutique, unique gift items like jams and sauces plus the produce and fruits.

Before we left, I visited the wonderful ladies in the deli section of Peach Park. Of course, I had to get their famous peach congealed salad cup. It was my mother’s favorite and it took me down memory lane of the visits we made together to Peach Park.


The food court area is extremely busy with Alabamians and tourists. However, the Peach Park staff was super nice and got visitors in and out. They were constantly keeping the area as tidy as possible.

Taste & Texture:

The pulled pork sandwich was incredible, the meat was favorable and tender. While the onion rings were spot on while the waffle fries were a tad bit crispy but still enjoyable. The potato salad tasted like Grandma made it, delicious.

Dessert-wise, the chunks of peaches in the ice cream was a homerun. The fried peach pie was on another level. It was heavy because was filled with peaches in a way that in each bite you got a taste of Southern goodness.

Mary K, Townsquare Media | Canva
Mary K, Townsquare Media | Canva


The pricing of a Peach Park experience from food, desserts, produce, fruits, and gift shops are at the nearly same price point as other restaurants and gift shops.

If you have a free afternoon, I highly recommend a field trip, it’s good for the soul. The drive alone will help you clear your mind.

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