Bad weather and poor construction forced Eric Church to scale down his set Saturday night (March 11) at a concert in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The singer learned that due to the weight of the snow on the roof of Calgary’s Scotiabank Saddledome, his Holdin' My Own Tour stage setup would likely put too much weight on the roof, causing it to cave in.

No stranger to being put into unique circumstances, Church decided to scale back his stage show's production and performed a mostly stripped-down three-hour set instead. According to the Calgary Herald, the venue's roof is in the shape of a saddle, and major tours have frequently decided to bypass the city "because of the facility’s inability to support the massive light, speaker and special effect rigs many bands use."

Despite the production hurdles, the publication says Church managed to engage the audience for a mostly acoustic set. They called his concert "a performance which was a lot less show and lot more substance."

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“Apparently you guys have had a real snowy winter here in Calgary … and with all the snow on the roof here, we can’t do what we normally do," he told the crowd. “But here’s my thing: I refuse to cancel in Calgary. I need you, Calgary … and if you meet me halfway, this will be one hell of a night.”

Church's band did join him for several songs including “Cold One” and “Record Year,” while he played "These Boots" alone, as the stage was lit by two spotlights that shined directly on him. View his performance of "These Boots" above.

Eric Church tickets for his Holdin' My Own Tour have been moving fast, due in no small part to Church's unusual commitment to his fans. That includes working hard to fight scalpers, as well as making sure that no two shows are the same so that his fans in every city have a truly unique experience.

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