I am thrilled that Alabama Governor Kay Ivey relaxed some of  those Corona virus stay home orders. Excited to be able to do the simplest things like get a haircut, a pedicure, go bowling, eat in a restaurant, or go to the gym. Okay I haven't been to the gym. I have had plenty of thinking time. Too much idle time can lead to a wide variety of bizarre thoughts. True in my case anyway. Some are inspired by observations. Some come from living a lot of years. Others appear alcohol or controlled substance induced, but really are not. I've decided to share some of my deepest thoughts in hopes that some of you have had similar thoughts of your own.

Some people drive like there's no tomorrow. Some people drive like they have all the time in the world. Inspired by McFarland Boulevard.

We never wash our belts, but it is something we touch every time after wiping our rears. I told you these might be bizarre thoughts.

"Where are you" must be the least used words in sign language. Inspired by watching the governor's sign language interpreter on the news.

Tall folks reach for stuff short people can't reach, but short folks get offended if you ask them to pick up something you dropped. Try it and see.

There is this huge yellow, bright thing hanging in the sky, but we're not suppose to look at it.

Every time I check my pockets for my phone, wallet, or keys, it looks like I'm doing a dance. The Macarena maybe. Maybe.

Watching 'Beauty AndThe Beast' with a friend's kid and realized this "kids" movie has kidnapping, slave labor, and lynching in it. Watch and see.

Forgive me for this one. Almost every guy's hand you shake has had his private part in it. Okay maybe THIS one was inspired by a cocktail. We're not suppose to be shaking hands anyway.

And that's what I'm thinking.



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