Danielle Bradbery is sharing new music with fans as she gears up to release her full length album. The latest song, "Worth It," has Bradbery confronting a guy who isn't giving her the attention she deserves. She played it for lucky fans during a recent stop at Birmingham, Ala., radio station WZZK.

The stripped down ballad really lets Bradbery's soulful vocals shine. She's backed only by an acoustic guitar and light percussion in this version. "I ain't afraid to walk away / If you can't see it, believe it and give me the love I'm deserving / 'Cause I know I'm worth it," she sings.

Later, she's more deviant, letting the guy in question know that she's not afraid to put him in his place. "Don't tell me that I'm too hard to please / You should be begging down on your knees / 'Cause I'm worth it," she belts.

Danielle Bradbery Is Letting Her Badass Show

In an interview with Taste of Country Nights, Bradbery shares her forthcoming album will follow the ups and downs of her real-life relationship. “I’ve been going through an up-and-down relationship just emotionally and personally, because I love the guy, and I don’t want things to end,” she says.

As Bradbery explains, through writing about her personal life, her writing sessions have actually been more like therapy sessions.

“I’ve gotten in a writing room and just sobbed my eyes out because I’m like, ‘this happened literally this morning,’ and it just helps,” she says, noting that though the resulting songs can be emotional and personal, it was worth putting them out there for fans to hear. “I’m like, ‘You know what? Let’s throw it on the record. It’s real.’”

The first single from the TBA album, an upbeat groove called "Sway," is at radio now.

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