The Earnhardt family has always held a fondness toward Talladega Superspeedway and the fans that come to the track, which is why Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s win on Sunday became such an emotional one for him.

Fresh off his first victory at Talladega since 2004, Earnhardt Jr. joined The Dan Patrick Show to talk about the memorable week.

"It's just a lot of relief (to win at Talladega) and a lot of emotion over dad and his birthday and all of that going on the last week," Earnhardt Jr. told Dan Patrick. "It just kind of caught up to me. I usually don't get like that but it kind of overwhelmed me a little bit.

The 40-year-old NASCAR fan favorite explained that he saw and read so many positive comments from friends of his late father's through the week. With his dad's birthday falling on the Wednesday before the race, so many people throughout racing were talking about Earnhardt Sr. and his impact and that meant a lot to Junior.

Add in the fact that he was racing at a place where his father enjoyed a lot of success and then being able to pull out the win, he couldn't help but let the emotions overtake him.

"If there's one track where we have the most supporters, it seems like it's always Talladega. There's just so many Earnhardt fans there. It felt that way when dad raced there. It just felt like there were so many Earnhardt fans there compared to other race tracks."

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