Yes, you read that correctly: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. enjoys eating banana and mayonnaise sandwiches.

I'm all for "to each his own," but this seems a little odd to me. Bananas are delicious fruits, and even make delicious sandwiches by themselves (I prefer a nice banana and peanut butter sandwich from time to time). Mayonnaise is a nice condiment to put on sandwiches. But combining the two? That's something I had never thought about, so what would this look like (since I'm too scared to try it out for myself)?

Thanks Dale, but I'm gonna have to respectfully disagree. That doesn't look delicious. That looks disgusting, and quite frankly, trying to imagine the combination of the two is an odd thought. Go ahead and try imagining eating these two at the same time.

Doesn't taste too good, does it?

So all this being said, when I get home from work, I'm going to make me a banana and mayo sandwich. If you hear from me tomorrow, that means I didn't die.

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