On this season of the Bachelor, Tuscaloosa native Hannah Brown has been turning heads with her goofy personality and authenticity. Now, the former Miss Alabama is in the talks to be the next Bachelorette among fans.

Brown is a graduate of County High in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and graduated with a communications degree from The University of Alabama. In 2018, she gained the title of Miss Alabama and competed in the Miss America pageant.

Brown had somewhat of a rocky start on the Bachelor. She snagged the first one on one date of the season but became overwhelmed with nerves and struggled to let her sweet and bubbly nature show (even though she did slip in a "Roll Tide" during her toast.)  Brown then got caught up in a small feud between her and fellow contestant, Miss North Carolina. Once their conflict was resolved and she got more comfortable, America finally started to fall in love with our Tuscaloosa girl.

Brown was one of the first to express that she was falling in love with Bachelor, Colton Underwood. Throughout the season she continued to grow her relationship and kicked butt (literally) on different group dates including activities such as boxing and fighting duels. America watched Hannah's exuberant personality truly came out on these dates and she stood out to not only Colton, but fans as well.

Brown was recently eliminated by after she met Underwood's family in his hometown of Denver, Colorado, and in my opinion, had one of the best exits in Bachelor history. In her final interview she stated, "I will not allow myself to not feel chosen every single day." (Preach, girl!) This girl know what she deserves and will not settle for any less. Hopefully we get to see her find that perfect guy this summer on TV.

On last night's episode, Brown allegedly went to Birmingham to see Underwood when he was in town to see the other Hannah from Alabama, Hannah Godwin. For some reason, it got cut from the episode and was never shown. Maybe the producers didn't want to show her in a negative light because they want her to be the next lead? On top of that, several Bachelor fans and experts are rooting for her to be the next lead.

I think Hannah would be a great choice for Bachelorette. She has the personality to carry a show, but is real and genuine at the same time. She's been open about struggling with feeling "good enough" and I think that makes her relatable to a lot of people.

How cool would it be to have one of our own as a star of the Bachelor? We should find out for sure after the final episode this season which premiers March 11. Even if she isn't the Bachelorette, she sure has made Tuscaloosa proud.


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