Former Alabama and current Cavaliers star Collin Sexton has both started and led the Cavs in scoring the past two seasons, but as this season winds down he finds himself being shopped by the Cleveland team.

The Cavs have struggled mightily since Lebron James left for the Lakers, and Sexton has been one of the key pieces carrying the team since he was drafted. He averaged 24.3 points and 4.4 assists this past year, and is eligible for a maximum contract extension. Sexton, 22, would likely seek this lucrative, long term contract according to Sports Illustrated's Jeremy Woo, but the Cavaliers do not appear as interested in signing him to such a deal.

While no teams have expressed official interest, fanbases have begun theorizing Sexton coming to their team on Twitter, especially Lakers and 76ers fans. Other teams rumored to have interest are the Rockets, Jazz, Celtics, and Knicks. Many Bama fans who hoped the young player would get to be a sidekick to Lebron when he was drafted in 2018 could theoretically get their wish if the Lakers rumors prove true.

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While the Cavs urgently try to continue to rebuild, no one on their roster is safe. The biggest reason Sexton keeps coming up on the rumor list is due to his impending contract extension with two years left in his rookie contract, but could also be due to the Cavs suspected pick with the 3rd overall choice being either Gonzaga star Jalen Suggs or G-League standout Jalen Green. Both players are shooting guards who could fill similar roles to what Sexton already does, namely being a go-to scorer.

The rumors are certainly more hinged on the Cavaliers financial worries than Sexton's performance, he will be a very coveted player. A decision on Sexton isn't expected to come soon, but it will certainly be a development to watch this off-season.

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