The new Chris Young tune “Losing Sleep” is a sexy addition to his upcoming new record. But the artist tells Taste of Country Nights it might not be 100% true to who he is all the time.

“I live up to the fact that I’m a Gemini,” he says, giving his astrological sign as a nod to his dual-sided personality. “I can go super romantic, and then I can be like, depending on the day, ‘you want Domino’s? Would you like Domino’s and a nice red wine?’”

Though he jokes, it turns out he can actually be quite romantic when the occasion calls for it. He says cooking dinner for someone is probably the most romantic thing he does.

“You have to know what the person likes — it takes time,” he explains, juxtaposing it with the Domino’s example from before, with a laugh.

Chris Young: The Taste of Country Photo Shoot

Young says though he may not be the guy in “Losing Sleep” all the time, the songs on the new album each resonate with him in a different way because he co-wrote all of them, which is something he’s never done before.

“The biggest thing for me is just what a song does the first time you hear it. I’ve always tried to be someone who just picks the best songs, whether I wrote ‘em or not,” he says. “This album I just had so much stuff I’d written over the past couple years and so many things I wanted to put on the album.”

Young’s new record doesn’t yet have a firm release date, but he tells Taste of Country Nights it will be out later this year. The artist says they’re in the last stages of wrapping up the recording processes, so hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. When he hasn’t been working on the new record, Young has been busy playing shows, including the Taste of Country music festival in New York and Nashville’s 4th of July celebration.

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Chris Young's "Losing Sleep" Is Super Sexy

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