College football's only undefeated team in 2017 isn't worried about what happens in Monday's game between Alabama and Georgia. That's because the school has already decided to claim a national championship this year.

The UCF Knights tweeted out a graphic declaring itself 'National Champions' after taking down Auburn in the Peach Bowl to finish 13-0.

It's hard to argue with the Knights for wanting to celebrate an undefeated season, but it's also difficult to imagine anyone outside of Orlando taking the claim seriously. The victory over Auburn was impressive, but the Knights played just one other Power 5 team this season and that was a 4-8 Maryland team that finished last in the Big 10 East.

Unfortunately for UCF, most of the coaching staff departed for Nebraska with Scott Frost. But there's no taking away a perfect season, which has only happened 16 total times since 2000.

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