Brothers Osborne aren't afraid to speak their minds. The sibling duo, made up of TJ and John Osborne, were lured into the country music genre by the artists who came before them who refused to conform to be politically correct -- something the brothers hope to emulate.

"That’s what’s so bada-- about country music, and why right now everyone’s so scared to get political or say anything that means anything. Merle Haggard, all those guys, they were so bada-- because they spoke up for every American in the country. All of them," TJ Osborne shared recently with The Boot and other reporters at a media event. "[The genre has] party songs, and we like to have a good time, but they were a true artist. They said things that mattered to people. I think that absolutely it’s the coolest thing about country music.

"It’s been a little lost lately," Osborne adds. "We hope we can bring it back."

Brothers Osborne were among the artists who performed at the 2017 Route 91 Harvest Festival before, on Oct. 1, Stephen Paddock opened fire, killing 58 and wounding hundreds more. In the aftermath, the duo released a song, "While You Still Can," in tribute to the victims; they will also be performing as part of a tribute to victims of concert violence at the 2018 Grammy Awards.

"That’s what any artistry, really country music or any genre -- Artists are supposed to speak for people. They’re supposed to be a release for people," says TJ Osborne. "Hopefully we get to write songs that are like therapy for us. And then the best thing you can have, above the money, above the awards, above anything -- if you can have that song that’s therapy for you and it relates to the listener and helps them through the same thing you were trying to get through, you can’t even put it into words how amazing that is."

The CMA Awards' reigning Vocal Duo of the Year, Brothers Osborne are nominated for Best Country Duo / Group Performance, for "It Ain't My Fault," at the 2018 Grammy Awards, which will air on Jan. 28 on CBS.

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