We all feel this kid's pain.

This boy goes into a bawling free-for-all when the internet stops working. According to the YouTube description:

This is how my son reacted when the Holiday Inn Express changed the credentials to the Wi-Fi access, and he wasn't able to log onto YouTube to see Transformers movie scenes on his iPad."

Now, you're probably smiling watching this distraught lad for two reasons. One, it's always funny to watch a kid who has yet to learn how to keep his emotions in check. Two, we absolutely understand what he's going through.

Don't even act like you haven't gone into panic mode when you realize you can't get internet access. We get less freaked out when we're out of milk, the heat isn't working and we leave our car in the driveway when a blizzard hits. Because if our connection is still up and running, we can somehow find a way to cope.

Hang in there, little dude. We promise things will get better.

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