It's been the go-to gift for years for holiday get-togethers, a bottle of wine or liquor, but it may be less appreciated now than in previous years.

According to Consumer Reports, one in four Americans surveyed cited whiskey, vodka, brandy, rum, and other spirits as the least desirable gift to receive; 23 percent identified flowers and plants as the biggest buzzkill, while 13 percent singled out candles, picture frames, and other home décor items as the most unwanted presents.  Wine was far more acceptable, only 6 percent of respondents said they wouldn’t want to receive a bottle for the holidays.  They also say three percent don't want don't want gift cards this holiday season.

Remember, you can turn these numbers around.  If only one in four would like a bottle of booze, what about the other three out of four?  Or the other 94 percent that might want to receive a bottle of wine, or 97 percent would love a gift card?

This has stuck with me.  A few years ago my mother told me she hated giving gift cards, but loved getting them.  I've kept that in mind as I search for gifts each year.  And let me tell you a story about plants.  One year my grandmother gave me a Christmas Cactus.  It has to be close to 30 years ago now.  We lost grandma more than 10 years ago, but Esther (we named her after grandma) is still going strong, big and happy and just about to bloom for the holidays.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas.


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